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Thank you for your interest in H.J. Development.  If you had an opportunity to read our history, you will realize that H.J. Development has a successful real estate investment plan that has been in place for more than twenty years.  Our plan works as a result of careful site selection, excellent building design, quality construction, and by bringing high-quality tenants to each project.  Our investment goals focus on competitive, cash-on-cash returns paid monthly, as well as solid, long-term appreciation of each real estate asset.

The owners of H.J. Development always retain an investment in each real estate project and as a result share in the same risks and rewards as the other investment partners.  We accomplish these goals by keeping our centers at or near 100% occupancy.  H.J. Develpment manages the entire portfolio to ensure that each building is maintained on a current basis, and each property looks attractive.  We also encourage our Property Managers to continually look for ways to improve each asset so as to maintain curb appeal for tenants and shoppers.

For additional information on H.J. Development and/or future investment opportunities please feel free to contact Jeff Carriveau directly.  Jeff can be reached in the office at 952-476-9400, or via e-mail



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